SANBAG, I-10 Truck Climbing Lane Addition Project, Redlands, CA

SANBAG, I-10 Truck Climbing Lane Addition Project, Redlands, CA



S2 provided resident engineering, office engineering, structure and roadway inspection, and specialty inspection services.


S2 Engineering (S2) provided complete construction management service on this $20 million project to widen 6 km section of existing EB I-10 freeway in Redlands / Yucaipa in San Bernardino county.  This project was funded by SANBAG with Caltrans oversight.

Work included SWPPP implementation; roadway excavation; ADL soil excavation; subbase; drainage structures and systems; roadway embankment; Class II AB; LCB; AC bond breaker; dowels and tiebars in PCCP, PCCP, and lateral and longitudinal joint sealant; ramp widening and PCC ramp termini; retaining walls on CIDH and spread footing; tieback walls; CIDH pile, pile cap, and sound wall; concrete barrier on retaining wall; concrete median barrier; roadside, bridge-mounted, and overhead sign; ramp metering, CCTV, roadside lighting; ramp signalization; landscaping, including irrigation and remote control system; and striping and painting.  Major PCCP slab replacement work was also completed as part of this project.

Work required coordination with various agencies and departments within Caltrans.  Weekly meeting was held with the Contractor and this meeting was open to all stakeholders, including the Cities of Redlands and Yucaipa; utility agencies; businesses; Caltrans oversight engineer, safety engineer, SWPPP coordinator, and maintenance superintendent.  S2EI managed or Coordinated the work performed by the surveyors, materials tester, archeologist (Indian burial ground), SWPPP Task Force, Yucaipa Water District, Redlands Water District, Verizon and AT/T (fiber optics relocation), and CHP (COZEEP).

This project consistently received high grades from Caltrans SWPPP Task Force and Caltrans Safety Review Team.  Lane closures status were called in to on time to Traffic Operations.  CPM baseline and update schedules were closely monitored and analyzed.

Construction management of this project was proactive and based on in depth experience and teamwork such that work was completed below budget with no delay caused by the project owner.