Caltrans District 8, I-15 Cajon Pass Pavement Rehabilitation Project, San Bernardino, CA

Caltrans District 8, I-15 Cajon Pass Pavement Rehabilitation Project, San Bernardino, CA



Construction management & IQA services on the RE, SR, inspection, and office engineering services. S2 reviewed & processed CCOs, claims, CPM schedule, monthly reports


The Cajon Pass Pavement Rehabilitation project is one of several Design-Build projects included in the pilot program under the new Design-Build Demonstration Program enacted by Senate Bill 4. The project limits are approximately from Post Mile 15 to Post Mile 31 on Interstate 15 in San Bernardino County. The estimated construction cost is $120 million.

The purpose of this project is to restore the structural integrity and ride quality of the mainline and ramp pavements by rehabilitating or replacing existing PCCP and AC pavement on the mainline and exit/entrance ramps, as appropriate. The proposed pavement rehabilitation strategies will improve ride quality, reduce maintenance frequency and costs, and increase the service life of the pavement.

The scope of work includes repair of the existing Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP) by replacing two outer lanes, asphalt concrete (AC) shoulders and AC patched areas to 40-year rigid pavement design, grinding and random slab replacement of inside lanes with rigid pavement. This project will also mill and overlay existing AC ramps, reconstruct AC ramp termini and upgrade recommended highway appurtenances and facilities, improve drainage system, and reconstruct concrete barrier

Inspection work is performed on clearing and grubbing, lane closures, coordination with materials testers, environmentally sensitive areas, lane closures and coordination with TMC, night time work, construction area signs, roadway embankment, LCB, dowel and tie-bar installation, bond breaker, JPCP, and curing.

S2 is also preparing daily diaries, checking and verifying quantities for monthly progress payment, checking and verifying field tests and lab tests for compliance with California Test Methods (CTMs).