SANBAG, I-10 Citrus Avenue Interchange Project, Fontana, CA

SANBAG, I-10 Citrus Avenue Interchange Project, Fontana, CA



Construction management, field documents, schedule review & analysis, preparing & negotiating CCOs, and coordination with the City of Fontana, CHP, UPRR, Caltrans Oversight Engineers, CT Traffic Operations, CT Safety Committee, utility companies, residents & businesses, among others.


This project involves the reconstruction of I-10/Citrus Ave interchange by realigning the on and off-ramps, replacing the existing Citrus Ave Overcrossing (OC), widening of the Citrus Ave Railroad Overhead (OH) and widening of Citrus Ave from 5 lanes to 7 lanes with sidewalk on both sides of the street from Slover Avenue, southern terminus, to Valley Blvd, northern terminus. Stage 1 construction Citrus Ave OC and Citrus Ave OH occurs on the east side of the existing alignment, and Stage 2 construction occurs at the west side Other major work includes the construction of a new westbound loop on-ramp, construction earth retaining structures (MSE walls & cantilever concrete retaining walls), and utility relocation.
The purpose of the project is to improve safety and operational efficiency of the I-10/Citrus Avenue interchange. This interchange is a modified diamond geometric layout with loop on-ramp and the ramps are controlled by traffic signals. High volumes of traffic including heavy trucks traveling on I-10, Citrus Avenue and local region and obsolete roadway and bridge features warrant total reconstruction of the interchange.